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Online Fashion Retail Store - 16Sixty 

We thrive hard for bringing the latest fashion to you. We continue to provide our customers with the best styles in the market. We have a diverse range of products; we look for ways to bring you the best designs. We sell collections for women, men and kids.  It is our priority to always have something for someone. We have kept everything under one house, so you do not need to go to another place! We have soft material high-quality tracksuits for men, women and kids and provide fast shipping across the United Kingdom worldwide. Under our collection, we stock tracksuits, crop top tracksuits sets, hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirt. No matter the size, gender or style, we have something for everyone. 

We continue to provide elevated styles at affordable prices. We ensure that customers are in reach for fashion products so that every latest fashion trend is covered. We work hard to keep the latest designs for our customers. Our focus is to maintain high-quality fabric which makes the customer gets the maximum wear.

We have a collection which is given significant time and attention to ensure we have high-quality garment. We add more articles to our collection every day. Our collection focuses on men, women and kids clothing which helps us expand our collection and range. We have a range of women sweatshirts, women hoodies, women jogging bottoms, women tracksuits, and women tshirts. We have also expanded our range to: mens hoodies, mens sweatshirts, men t-shirts, men tracksuits sets, men jogging bottoms, men zip-up hoodies and men shorts. We always have new range available for kids! Currently, we have: kids tracksuits, kids tshirts, kids poloshirts, kids jogging bottoms, kids sweatshirts, and kids zip up hoodies.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is vital for us and remains our top priority. We understand that every customer is different and so each person has different needs. 

We try our best to arrange everything to make each person's buying experience with us and so we have the availability of sizes and different sizes. 


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